At Cruising Concepts teak wood is our material of choice for sailboat upgrades of every nature.  Its strength to weight ratio ensures that companionway doors built from teak add a minimum of additional weight to the boat but remain sturdy and secure against accidents, buffeting, and other hazards of maritime life.  Our doors are cut at ¾” thickness or better to ensure stability and durability.  The unique properties of teak wood facilitate close fitting mounts for screw attachments, preventing leaks and increasing the lifetime of the doors.

Latches, hinges, and door handles are fully supported by our custom designs on all of our sailboat upgrades and installations.  Cruising Concepts utilizes hinges specially placed to limit unwanted exposure while maintaining functionality.  Our companionway doors can be easily and quickly inserted or removed from the hinges, which are attached directly to our individually crafted teak fascia.  We provide additional teak finishing for covering lock plates so the installation blends perfectly into the customer’s preferred aesthetic.